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CG Telecom
CG Telecom Private Limited (CG Corp Global Telecom) is rolling out to provid high quality GSM and other telecom services.Through the acquisition of STM Telecom Sanchar Pvt Ltd, CG Telecom is currently catering to the needs of the rural population of Nepal.

CG communications Pvt. Ltd. (Previously STM Telecom Sanchar Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading telecom operator in Nepal since its inception in 2003. We were awarded a Rural Telecommunication Service license from Nepal Telecommunications Authority to setup a rural network with 1068 PCOs using VSAT technology in Eastern Development Region. During the initial phase, the telecom penetration in Nepal was around 1.4% with more than 2150 VDCs deprived of telephone services.

Our service includes basic subscriber line, international long distance, payphone, wireless services, and Internet and tele-center. We fulfilled the license obligation in 2007 and currently, operating as the largest PCO network with more than 3000 subscribers, and network presence in 30 districts. We are the first Rural Tele-medicine service provider and have been continuously building applications like Virtual Community Schools on its ICT backbone.

In order to launch 5G telecommunication service in Nepal, we have already completed pre-license internal homework such as the agreement of USD 100m with Huawei to launch 5G services, procurement of contractor for various supply and services including RF planning, Data Center, preliminary survey, marketing and sales for the launch of the service.



In 2020 CG is planning to launch the FTTX business, focusing on 3 main cities of Nepal with further expansion throughout the country and building the foundation for Fixed-Mobile Convergence step by step implementation. Options to build own LTE/5G digital operator network or buying an existing operator, that is frequency reach and has minimum coverage obligations compliance are being analyzed. Another project is addressing the over 5.5 mn people Nepalese who work abroad by being always connected to home country through an application providing low price SIP-out calls, integrating local Nepalese content and other digital products (like e-payment, e-commerce). CG is a possessor of an e-payment license and is a leader in the e-commerce market in Nepal.


CG Corp Global acquired Moldcell, a mobile network operator in the Republic of Moldova from Telia in 2019. Moldcell started operations in Moldova in 2000. It was the first operator to offer an option with unlimited national calls. Moldcell is the second-largest mobile network operator in Moldova with more than 900k subscriber base occupying 30% of the market share. Its 4G network coverage reach has expanded to over 30 regions in Moldova. Apart from general communication (voice call, internet services), it also offers a wide range of other services like Infoline, Telemarketing, Tele-sales, bulk SMS, Transport Management, Net tv, broadband internet, etc.