Vision, Mission & Philosophy

To be a five billion dollar enterprise by 2025.

Establish a corporate conglomerate with core competences in food and beverages, financial services, infrastructure, real estate and hospitality and achieve the coveted position as a Global Growth Company among the leading companies in Asia.

  • Understand consumer insights and meet their needs with safe, effective and world-class products.
  • Integrate our dealers, distributors, retailers, suppliers and JV partners into the CG Corp Global Family.
  • Recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best talent within the country, recruit if needed from abroad and provide them a challenging and demanding environment.
  • Foster a strong emotive feeling of oneness and ownership with the company. Emerge as a Model Corporate Institution and contribute effectively towards the growth of Nepali society and the country at large.
  • Become the most admired company in Nepal.Take Nepal to the world.
  • Creating Value for the Customer
  • Create and add value to the products and services offered by the organization and provide the best services to our customers in everything we do.
  • Creating Value for the Nation
  • Contribute to the upliftment of the nation’s economy, and bring parity between national infrastructural and entrepreneurial capability with other development efforts. Create employment opportunity for as many Nepali people as possible.
  • Management Based on Esteem for Human Dignity
  • Management Based on Esteem for Human Dignity and a strong sense of value of human assets is what CG strives to practice. This is what we consider as a major buil block of our organization and business.