About Us

With a prolific history of over 140 years, CG Corp Global is a multinational corporate operating out of Nepal. Despite its humble beginnings, it is today the largest business enterprise of Nepal. It stands proud with 15,000 employees on its rolls, spanning in businesses in more than 35 countries worldwide.

CG Corp Global is headquartered in Kathmandu; its objective is to provide world-class services and products in various fields such as hotels and resorts, wildlife and in-bound tourism, real estate, FMCG (food & beverage), financial services and cement.


CG Corp global is rapidly expanding and has gained significant momentum in the past two decades. It is the first and only billion-dollar multinational of Nepal.


The Group’s chairman Binod Chaudhary, a man of simplicity and substance, has been featured in the Forbes list of billionaires.


The members of the new generation of the Chaudhary family have branched out with new vision, to take the business to new heights in the global arena.