How is instant noodles brand Wai Wai staying relevant in a Maggi dominated market?

For starters, one can eat it straight from the pack. For the rest over to GP Sah, global business head – FMCG, Chaudhary Group (Wai Wai’s owner).

Wai Wai, the Nepal-based instant noodles brand (from CG Foods), is telling Indians that they can eat noodles without cooking it, like a crunchy snack. Over the last few decades, the brand has been actively strengthening its presence in India and has found strong footing alongside brands like Maggi (Nestle) and Yippee (ITC).

Unlike the category code of instant noodle advertising, Wai Wai’s ads give ‘ad moms’ and the steaming bowls a clear miss. The brand has been pushing the snack format of consumption.

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April 13, 2021