How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: 7 Top Tips From Nepal’s Only Billionaire

March 30, 2020, Singapoore Tatler: Binod Chaudhary, chairman of the country’s largest multinational conglomerate, sticks to his favourite traditional tried-and-tested methods to stay healthy in mind and body

Years ago, before wellness became a buzzword, Binod Chaudhary was already seeking out holistic health. The man, who is better known as the sole Nepalese on Forbes’ Billionaires list, discovered a sprawling 40-hectare resort in the Philippines, called The Farm at San Benito. Since its establishment in 2002, The Farm had garnered a reputation among those in-the-know, particularly for its comprehensive range of wellness therapies and natural remedies. Without hesitation, he booked himself a stay.

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November 10, 2020