Interesting times ahead for FMCG sector: Varun Chaudhary

The Daily Guardian, September 23, 2020,

G Corp Global, having a rich legacy of over 150 years, happens to be Nepal’s first and only billion-dollar corporation listed by Forbes. Achieving excellence in the FMCG sector, Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Corp Global, spoke about his familyrun transnational conglomerate which set up the first noodle plant in Nepal and the fascinating story behind the renowned noodle brand Wai Wai, which is run by CG Corp across India and globally.

He recalls, “My father used to frequently travel to countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand and while travelling back to Kathmandu he used to see and observe that a lot of cartons are coming on the luggage belt. So it all started building his curiosity to know how noodles all the way from Thailand are coming to Nepal in such huge quantities.”

“That is where the business instinct kicked in and my father founded the company and decided to do a technical collaboration with the Thai counterpart. It was the first noodle plant in Nepal and that’s how the story began from a baggage belt to where it is today,” Chaudhary continues.

“I predominantly look after Food Parks and FMCG and since Wai Wai is such a household brand but surprisingly its success story lies behind the word of mouth which spread like wildfire from students who came from Nepal to study in Indian boarding schools. Seeing the future market and demand, our company in the early nineties started manufacturing it here as well and those seven sisters in the Northeast including Sikkim and West Bengal.”

He mentions how the company did not lay off even a single employee. “For the FMCG sector during the pandemic, the safety aspect is paramount. We maintained our workforce and made sure that they were motivated as that is all that matters since it is the people who built brands.


September 28, 2020