Power List 2020CG Hospitality Holdings

Hoteliers India, 28 September 2020, CG Hospitality Holdings have hotels across a vast spectrum of countries and continent. Headquartered in Kathmandu, the group ensured that their employees underwent educational training and attended online seminars on how to maintain health and protect themselves and their family from the COVID-19 infection.

They were also trained on improved hygiene and sanitation protocols that are implemented at the properties. Employees in CG Hospitality’s Nepal properties were encouraged to cross-train in different departments to gain more knowledge and skill. New protocols, including at Taj Meghusarai, Chitwan were put in place, including establishing private dining experiences as a pre-requisite.

The Farm at San Benito, Philippines consciously adopted communities in the neighbourhood, providing vitals such as food, Personal Protective Equipment and rapid antibody COVID-testing. Over 10,000 protective masks were donated as part of The Farm’s support to frontline heroes in San Benito and Tipakan.

Strict hygiene and safety protocols were set in place to ensure guest and employee safety. All guest and treatment rooms at The Farm are sanitized by Sanivir Smoke, (Glutaraldehyde + Orthophenyl Phenol), which is proven by international laboratories to kill coronavirus on the surface and in the air effectively. To provide holistic digital health support during this challenging time, The Farm offers virtual health consultation and telehealth using which, guests can get in touch with their panel of integrative medical doctors for their health concerns.

The Farm also offers Immune Support Program that includes COVID-19 testing, medically-supervised holistic treatments to support the immune system, nutrientrich organic vegan meals and beverages, microbiome nourishment and mindful movements.

Award-winning actress, model, influencer and brand ambassador Iza Calzado recounts, “In June, after three failed attempts, I sought the help of the doctors and Mother Nature to help boost my hemoglobin levels so I could donate plasma to those who are critically ill with COVID-19. The treatments, from Chlorophyll Bath, Vitamin Drip and psycho-emotional sessions with doctors truly helped me in successfully passing the test and donating plasma so that my antibodies could be used to try and save someone’s life.”

Source: https://www.hotelierindia.com/lists/12210-power-list-2020-cg-hospitality-holdings

September 28, 2020