CG Foods officially launches Kwik’s Masala Cracker

CG Foods has officially launched Kwik’s Masala Cracker a new, spicy, snacky product. The 25 gm Masala cracker is available in the market for Rs. 20 only. It is made from special onion flavoured pallets along with carefully sprinkled pure spices. It is deliciously crispy in nature with different flavor to bring new experience to our taste buds thus satisfy the customer. It is available in international metallic wrapper packed hygienically to retain the freshness.
With the changing behaviour of snacking in Nepal, CG Foods is constantly researching to provide innovative healthy snacks foods for its loyal customers under KWIK’S brand which in NEPAL’s No. 1 brand in Snack foods since last 3 decades. Kwik’s Masala Cracker is widely available in the market at MRP. Rs 20/- for 25gm.

Date: 2072/05/02

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December 22, 2016