Together towards tomorrow

Respected Adhyatma Shiromani Shri Acharya Mahashraman ji, Sadhvi Pramukha Karunamurti, Maha Shramani Kanak Prabha ji, … , dignitaries, youth leaders from Nepal, India and overseas, ladies and gentleman.

Thank you for inviting me today as the keynote speaker in this forum.

  • It is my great privilege to share this forum with right honorable Shri Acharya Mahashraman ji. Talking about youth and a future of youth, we can just turn to him and be instantly filled with inspiration. Getting the coveted title of Yuvacharya of the massive international following of Terapanth at the age of 35 is no small feat. And he got the title of Acharya at the age of 48. This is amazing achievement indeed! There must be a reason for it – and I am sure it is his unwavering commitment to the furtherance of knowledge.


  • Commitment we need – in all fields. Not only in religion, but in business, politics, social service, science, and any profession. Talking about knowledge, it is what we need. It is where the future is. It is where we are headed – towards a knowledge-based, information-based world integrated by technology.


  • I will focus on business. We say this is the age of information. I say this is the age of innovation and imagination in the fields of information and knowledge. There is unprecedented, unmatched opportunity here.


  • It wasn’t like this before. Looking back 20 years, there was predominance of traditional manufacturing industries. In Nepal, India and South Asia we used to have big opportunity in capital-centric industries such as jute, sugar, steel, and textile.


  • In India, big names like the Birlas, Singhaniyas and Modis used to dominate the market. That whole scenario has completely changed today. Industries that we never heard of before have appeared – industries based on technology, telecom, financial services — from Infosys to Wipro, from Sunil Bharti Mittal to Dipak Parekh and Aroon Purie. The canvas of India’s top business houses has changed. The direction of business has moved towards technology-based, information-based industries.


  • In the global context, we have people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs. The traditional business houses have almost disappeared.
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December 22, 2016