Chaudhary Foundation hands over 266 Transitional Shelters and 2 Schools in Dhading

Kathmandu, December 20: Chaudhary Foundation has handed over 266 transitional shelter homes (CG Ashraya) and two school buildings (CG Shikshyalaya) in remote earthquake affected areas of Dhading district. The homes were built for the affected communities of Baseri, which is one of the most affected Village Development Committees of last year’s earthquake.
“It has been quite some time after the earthquake. But the problems faced by the affected communities are still the same,” Chairman of Chaudhary Foundation Binod Chaudhary said. “It is our responsibility to provide an abode for those who lost their homes in the quake. Chaudhary Foundation continues to work along that direction.”
At an event organized in Baseri on Monday, Assistant Chief District Officer (CDO) of Dhading Rammani Mishra and Chaudhary Foundation officials handed over the homes to the affected community. Speaking on the occasion, Mishra said that the CG Ashraya program of Chaudhary Foundation came as a greatly positive and helpful initiative at a time when there was no alternative housing arrangement for the people who were made homeless by the quake. Remembering the local administration’s support to help the affected communities, he said, “These transitional homes came as a boon as they provided immediate housing to the affected people. They saved them from the hardship of living under tarpaulins.”
At another event organized in Salyantar of Dhading on Monday, two earthquake resistant buildings were handed over to local school management committees. Assistant CDO Rammani Mishra and Foundation officials handed over the buildings built for Ranipauwa Higher Secondary School of Salyantar-4 and Kamaladevi Lower Secondary School of Salyantar-8.
The buildings, built under the CG Shikshyalaya project of the Foundation, house four classrooms accommodating 40 students each. The Foundation had implemented CG Ashraya and CG Shikshyalaya projects in the affected districts following the earthquake of April 25 last year. Education has remained a priority sector for the Foundation since long.
Local authorities, social workers, representatives of political parties and affected communities were present in the shelter and school handover ceremonies.

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December 22, 2016