Chaudhary Foundation hands over 67 shelters in Sindhupalchok’s Sangachok

January 9 — Chaudhary Foundation handed over 67 transitional shelters to the earthquake survivors in Sangachok of Sindhupalchok district, amid a formal handover event on Saturday. Sangachok is one of the most affected villages in the earthquake. The While building shelters to the survivors, the Foundation has prioritized the families that are most impoverished, persons with disability, and single women.

Speaking at the handover event, President of Chaudhary Group Binod Chaudhary said the Foundation was willing to cooperate with the Nepalese government on post-disaster reconstruction. The earthquake shook the Nepalese economy to the hilt, but it could also be a new starting point to take the economy to new heights, he said.

January 14, 2016